This is a yearling filly who ran through a fence. Wound was stitched and stitches lasted three days after which the wound was spread wide open and nothing seemed to be healing. First pic is day 1 ( a couple of weeks after initial injury) 2nd pic is 24 hours after ONE Magna Wave PEMF treatment!!! Next picture is 4 days later after two PEMF treatments and last pic is after 3rd PEMF treatment. Now she is off to the sales with just a tiny scar!

Meyers Equine Therapy

Mac is a 20+yr show horse that recently went through a tornado in Blanchard, OK. He had 3 cracked ribs, severe bruising, and possible bone injuries in his hind quarter on the right side. The vet cleared him for treatment with the Magna Wave PEMF. He was still very sore on the right and wouldn’t allow you to touch him. When PEMF treatment was complete he would allow me to touch him on the hind quarter, & he was walking without dragging his hind leg.

– Another happy customer

Jake has severe hip dyspepsia and arthritis in his shoulder.  Weekly Magna Wave PEMF treatments keep him running and jumping like a 5 yr old should.

– HK Ranch LLC

Severely foundered mare at Vet’s office. Before Magna Wave, she would lay down 90% of the time and had stopped eating. She was 90% non weight bearing on both front feet. Her body in severe pain and on the verge of giving up. During her 1st session she stood up to eat hay, grain and drink water. I almost cried with joy. The next day Vet sent me an awesome text thanking me and asking me to keep coming back. Buttercup had MW sessions 3x a wk for 2 mths. Upon her last session at the Vet she was standing 90% time and walking almost normally again. She has now been able to go home and finish healing. Her owner told me herself she knows Magna Wave was a crucial part of Buttercup getting better. The Vet now calls me on a regular basis to work on cases that need extra help with healing wounds.
Thank you God

The first picture is the initial injury. I starting Magna Wave PEMF treatments at
second picture, which is two months past the initial injury that had  just stopped healing.
Third picture is treatment eight, and final picture is treatment 17. I have
to say the owner and I are extremely excited with the results!!! How fast
Magna Wave PEMF has helped this horse heal!!! Truly believe in this machine.

This is Juby, ridden by Josie Spratt. They were Green Reining champions at the Morgan Grand National Show here in Okc.
Juby was sore in the hind quarter and dropping her leads behind. I gave her a session the night before she showed and these two came out of the pen champions.

– Schelly Bankston

Rose is a 6 yr old half Arabian mare with a terrible quarter crack through the heel bulb due to a wound to the foot. It grows with a twist. Previous trainers and farriers could not get it to grow out. Julie Daniel, a trainer here in AZ, purchased her in November 2015. The first photo is December 2016. The second is April 2016. We are now working on the new quarter crack on the other heel due to the odd shape of her foot but we are confident we will be able to get the same great results with Magna Wave to stimulate tremendous growth. I should mention that she has remained sound as has been since February 2016.

– LTC Magna Wave /Shannon Pullifrone

The Magna Wave has helped me personally. I had a meniscus tear in my knee and was having extreme pain. I was preparing for my first time back in the show ring after 20 years in showmanship. I was Magnawaved the night before my class. I had moderate – severe pain before treatment & no pain after treatment. I could not have made it in my class with the Magna Wave. All of the horses love it. It’s amazing. So glad we have one at the farm.

– Heather Reams Williams

I don’t generally believe in things unless I can see a difference or try it myself. Well I am a believer in Magna Wave PEMF!  A broken back years ago has left me creaky and sore especially after sitting for long periods like in a plane. After my first Magna Wave PEMF session I was shocked I had zero pain!  And it lasted for months!  Since then I have used it on racehorses, barrel horses and polo ponies. My barrel horse even had a mane that was split on separate sides because of an underlying neck issue. One PEMF treatment and it has laid on one side ever since!  This is a great pre treatment, recovery treatment or just a little treat. Like the best type of massage because you actually feel amazing after.

– Michelle Yu

My daughters TB had a history of back soreness when we got her. After several years of chiropractic care and thin line pads in combinations, we discovered Magna Wave… As a thin-skinned and high maintenance made, this was our lifesaver. Monthly treatments kept her pain free and working without needing chiropractic care on a regular basis. I now use it on my new horse, a rescue project with left side hip and stifle soreness after he it was discovered he had been living and training with a false sole on his right front for 3-4 years prior to coming to me.

– Sally Williams

After breaking my collarbone and dislocating my shoulder in a steeplechase fall I was left looking at eight weeks on the sidelines. That was until Madison Meyers and Magna Wave PEMF treatments had me back riding within two weeks to win the Maryland hunt cup and 3 weeks later the Virginia gold cup.
Magna Wave PEMF not only sped up my recovery time but also helped heal my collarbone perfectly.

– Mark Beecher/Steeplechase Jockey

Our cat is 17 years old with lower back and hip issues. After just one Magna Wave PEMF treatment his energy was renewed and he was back to playing like a kitten and jumping on the couch! He has weekly Magna Wave PEMF treatments and has never felt better!

– Nancy Hughes, Sr. Veterinary Technician, LVT, University of Louisville