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Happy Client @HighPulsePR

 I had Kayla work on my mare both nights at a recent horse show and the results were noticeable right away. An absolute must for the horse asked to compete for prolonged periods; I also had her do my back/shoulders and I slept without shoulder pain for the first time in ages. Kayla is an absolute professional-- I highly recommend her/High Pulse

- Liesl Dalpe

MagnaWave High Pulse Performance & Rehabilitation

I had my horse worked on for the first time before our final show weekend this weekend. He's had some shoulder soreness and this weekend he felt amazing. Kayla was amazing and I can't wait to get my horse worked on again!

-Jennifer Tracy

Kayla did an awesome session not only on my mare but on me yesterday in Cambridge! I felt great afterward, seemed to release a lot of my tension and stomach/bloating issues I been having. I'll definitely be booking again!

-Kristy Rosick

“The difference in Frankie after using the Magna Wave is just amazing. He was always a good looking horse but the dapples he has now are crazy. His breathing and thumping issues seem to be gone, his personality is back, and he’s sleeping for days! Frankie was last years 2 yr trotter of year, winning 11 of 12 races and setting a world record here in Lexington, Ky. He now has over 1.6 million made and will go stand stud at Diamond Creek Farm in Pennsylvania after his last 2 starts this year.”

– Kim Calenda/Burke Racin

Had my horse worked on by Kayla and my horses overall performance improved! Could not be happier with my magna wave treatment . Can't wait for another session 

-Katy Bartis

Kayla has work on my mare 2 times now I have seen such a big difference in my mare she so much more relaxed and happier. I highly recommend anyone to Kayla.


I attribute a lot of Foxy’s success at the WNFR to MagnaWave. Each morning during the WNFR Foxy received a Magnawave treatment. It helped work out any soreness that making 10 runs in the Thomas and Mack brought on. Foxy never had one issue during the 10 days thanks to MagnaWave. All my horses love their MagnaWave therapy. I truly believe it allows the muscles to be comfortable enough to eliminate a lot of other therapies. Muscle soreness from bad ground and long trailers rides can be detrimental to a barrel horse. The thing I love most about the MagnaWave is how the horse is able to tell you where they are sore and when it feels better. 

– Kimmie Wal

My mare has been having issues with her left lead on and off, so I decided to try this pulse therapy to see if it would help. Kayla came by at a pretty late hour to work on my mare to accommodate my schedule, and I could tell my horse was thoroughly enjoying the experience. The next day at the show, my mare did not pick up the wrong lead once. I highly recommend Kayla and will definitely have her work on my mare again.

-Kristen Beckwith