Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Treatment Take?
Is Magna Wave The Same As Other Magnetic Boots & Blankets?
Can It Be Used Pre-Event?
When Can The Horse Or Athlete Go Back To Work?
When Will Results Be Seen and Felt?
How Long Will Results Last?
Why Treat The Whole Body When The Problem Is In One Area?
What Actually Happens During A Treatment?
How Does It Show Areas Of Sensitivity?
What Device Do I Have?
How Long Has Magna Wave Been In Use Or Available?
What Is The Magna Wave MAXX
Disclaimer: Massage, Magna Wave PEMF or any other modality used by High Pulse Performance & Rehabilitation is not a substitute for proper medical or veterinary care. Please seek out a licensed doctor or veterinarian to properly diagnose and treat any health issues before using this or any other bodywork service. 

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