Kayla Zoppel @HighPlusePR
Kayla Zoppel @HighPulsePR

Kayla Zoppel


Kayla is a certified Magna Wave PEMF practitioner with over 15 years experience in the equine industry. She has worked with everything from backyard pets to elite athletes. Having owned and shown her own horses for more than 20 years. She has spent 5+ years working with young stock of both race and show backgrounds and 7+ years working in the race horse industry. Kayla has a great understanding for the over all care and maintenance of our equine athletes, from Lay-ups to the show pen she has seen it all. 

Her mission-
First and for most is to improve the quality of life for our equine partners and small animal friends. To potentially lengthen and enhance performance careers. Helping everyone feel and perform at the top of their game.
Don't forget she is certified to help you too. Helping the people that care for these animals is as important as the animals themselves.
"I absolutely love what I do! It all started with my own show horse and the transformation was unbelievable! Of all the things (chiropractic, injections, and daily pain medication) I had tried nothing was able to help her the way PEMF does. It has changed our show career! I became a Practitioner to help others feel and perform their best. To continue to watch these transformations in front of my eye! There is nothing more satisfying then helping the animals I and so many others hold so close. 
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